Thursday, March 14, 2013

Time to loose weight!

Been having very unhealthy eating habits the past few months,
playing computer games and eating non stop
and as they always say "your body is a reflection of how you're treating it"
and yup it does shows alright
i look so fat and unhealthy right now
thus explains why i haven't had a single photo of myself at all
so i decided that i've to put an end to this
cause i really don't like how i look right now.

came up with this plan
to "report" whatever you eat to someone you can trust,
in my case would be Stanley
take for example, if you're going to the fridge and thinking of eating a bar of chocolate
the thought of having to report that you're going to eat a bar of chocolate
instantly makes you think twice
and you'd leave it.
it works for normal meals as well,
lets say if i was about to buy a bowl of laksa
the thought of having to report it makes me change my mind
and i'd go for a healthier alternative.

It may sound silly but so far it's working out great for me
I've cut down alot on my food intake 
as well as completely stopped snacking.
just make sure that the one you're reporting to won't get annoyed by your messages!

oh and im thinking of trying out this Insanity Workout thingy
Stanley's doing it, i shall join in too >:D

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