Monday, October 14, 2013

Goodbye little one

hahaha isn't it sad to look like shit, literally
Was watering my plants one day 
when i noticed this bird-shit looking caterpillar appear on my lime plant,
I left it alone cause i was curious as to what kind of butterfly/moth it will become.
just two days later, it grew so much
and it even changed it's appearance!!

Kinda resemble the Pokemon 'Caterpie' doesn't it?
After which i went to google "Lime Butterfly" as it was on a lime plant hahaha
and to my surprise it is the caterpillar of the Lime Swallowtail!
I wanted to protect it from any predators thus i went to buy a mesh bag
snipped out the inner lining and stitched them together using wires
soon after, the caterpillar finished my entire plant 
hahahaha what a big appetite it has

safe and sheltered!
It then climbed to the top of the mesh and started to spin some sort of silk
which indicates its gonna become a Chrysalis!
i always had this idea that they spun silk around themselves hahaha
but that's what moths do, and its called a cocoon
oh oh and i read that during Metamorphosis
the caterpillar's body actually 'melts' down into imaginal cells
which then puts themselves together to form a completely new structure!
isn't that amazing? i always thought tiny wings sprout out from the caterpillar.
Anyway it is now in the Chrysalis stage
gonna have to wait for 2 weeks or so
before it emerges as a butterfly!
till then! :D

Real life Metapod!

Update: two weeks later...
it emerged into a gorgeous butterfly!!
so amazing :D

"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly"
-R. Buckminster Fuller

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