Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Let's Go!

feels awesome to see your own works on display ^^
thanks M.O.D.A!!

Ah yes...
been rather busy with the painting that was meant for M.O.D.A's first anniversary party
now that its finally over, time to get back on track with my other school work
which i've been neglecting all these while >_<
thankfully the painting I did could be used to submit for my painting class
so it won't be in vain!

having doubts whether or not animation is really my passion
but oh wells its not really the time to think about such stuff
so much work to do and catch up!!

Ugh and on top of all that would be my practical driving test as well as IPPT
both due in to train up!!
one at a time yaokhuan, one at a time
you can do it!

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