Thursday, October 17, 2013


Oil on canvas board

Went back to ADM on tuesday for painting class
while we were taking a break,
Kim came over and had a look at my painting
"well done!" he said,
and I acknowledged that with a smile
then he went on and asked me what major and year was I in,
and i said: "Animation Year 3"

"ah how time flies"

 yes indeed, it felt like yesterday when we had our first live drawing session
i could still remember how we were told by our foundation drawing teacher, Don Low,
not to chat amongst ourselves as that might appear rude for the model.
we were all so serious as we barely knew our classmates
but it didn't take long for us to know one another.
lessons were much more enjoyable back then
so much joy and laughter

With a blink of an eye
we are now year 3 students
it feels so surreal.
Sometimes when i enter the foundation room to wash my brushes
my heart sank as i remembered the times we spent in here
working till the wee hours of the morning
but we had the company of one another.
i really miss that feeling :'/

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